How to save time when teaching mathematics using H-edu

Surveys conducted among teachers in 2016 showed that one of the most acute teachers’ problems is the amount of time they have to invest to lesson planning.

We bring a variety of tried and tested approaches that will help you save time and are ready to be used today:

How to save time planning a lesson

Wherever you plan your lesson – at home, in your office or on your way to the lesson, you think about questions such as: How to plan a lesson that will be interesting enough to make mathematics fun for the pupils and at the same time have them learn everything they need? How to plan it in such a way that everyone has in it something they like? And how to manage to plan it without having to myself?

Have all your textbooks available online:

How many times have you left at school a textbook you needed at home? How many times have you realized you do not have the right textbook and had to go back for it to your office? How many times have you needed to go back to some problems from the last textbook that you did not have with you in the lesson?

Nowadays, connection to the internet is available almost anywhere. Thus it makes sense to have everything in one place. Electronically, so that I can access it from anywhere.

Choose the problems from the well-arranged Contents section of the textbook:

Simply click, open the Contents and go to the chapter that you need. Without leafing through the paper textbook.

Use the teacher’s guide

As our lecturer Tomáš Chrobák says: “If the teacher is happy, the whole class is happy :)”. If you know any teacher who loves scanning problems from various sources and cutting out and gluing their own materials, show them to us.

Or make use of materials that are ready to use. The teacher’s guide, textbook and workbook. Then you will understand all the problems well, you will be able to clarify their solutions to the pupils well and offer them additional materials for practice.

You must have come across the situation when you need to use a related problem for better clarification of a given problem. It is available directly next to the teacher’s guide.

Get inspiration from each other

Every problem has a better value if information about experience with work with it in lessons is added. Build on other teachers’ experience with handling a particular problem. Or help other teachers who ask about the problem. Your experience will be appreciated by hundreds of teachers who also use electronic materials online.

Two heads are better than one. Let us get connected, let’s help each other!

Create your own worksheets and graded tests

Each class is different and tests constructed last year may not be appropriate this year. Use our tool and just by clicking construct your own worksheets. If needed, from two different textbooks, no problem. No scanning, no search on the internet are needed.

Use our depository of graded tests or create your own. For pupils who need a slower pace, for pupils who need more practice, for high performers who need additional “food for thought”.

How to make life easier in the lesson

Get your pupils involved in work in a digital environment and thus make the lesson more interesting. If you have to go to a lesson unexpectedly to substitute for a colleague and have no lesson plan ready, online textbooks will allow you to start at the place where the class have finished. Project the problems on the screen and meanwhile study the teachers’ notes to be ready to assess the problems and conclude the lesson by a reflection.

Capture the pupils’ attention by projecting on a screen

No need to be running around the class with the textbook open on the right page. Project the problem on the board for the whole class so that everyone can see where we are working.

Present a solving process using the interactive mode

Are you able to draw a cube construction of the blackboard? You do not have to worry about that any longer. The whole class do not have to meet around one desk with cubes. Make use of the interactive environment that demonstrates the solution of the given problem on the screen or smartboard.

Get the parents involved

If parents of your pupils are active and want to be informed about what their child is learning at the moment, allow them to get to this information. If parents understand what is being taught, they will be able to help the children, which will save your time and energy in the lessons.

By scanning the QR code in the textbook, parents access the web where they find additional information about the problem. Thanks to this information parents learn more about the Hejny method and will start to trust it and you as a teacher.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is nothing worse than losing time where someone with more experience can help you. Contact us by phone, e-form or chat and our lecturers or technical support will help you.

What helps you to save time?

Let us know by posting a comment and inspire other teachers. If you felt like trying the easier classroom management and faster lesson planning with the help of the Hejny method online support, just sign in for the Hejny method Mini Course.

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Pavel Trojánek

Pavel Trojánek

The Hejny method showed me that schola ludus is not just a concept from old books but that there are thousands of pupils in Czech schools who experience it nowadays. And what is more, in lessons of mathematics! And teachers laugh with them and enjoy their work. This makes me very happy. I try to help to have even more children who can and do enjoy learning mathematics. For example here on the blog. Or on H-edu, e-support of teaching mathematics using the Hejny method.